Book categories and prices

Our book categories and prices

Bücher Brocky

We divide our books into three categories: secondhand books, antiquarian/rare books and new books.

1. Secondhand books (price range 3.50 to 5 CHF)

Paperbacks (novels, thrillers, nonfiction) cost 3.50 CHF. Hardbacks cost 4.50 CHF and large books (more than 30 centimeters in diameter) cost 5 CHF. The books are sorted into 30 thematic sections such as Swiss literature, fantasy, religion, English literature etc.)


2. Antiquarian/rare books

Within the context of our stores, the term ‘antiquarian’ not only refers to ‘old books’, but encompasses everything from very new to very old, from special to sought-after. In short: all secondhand books that do not land in the 3-to-5 CHF section, find their place in the antiquarian section and their prices are placed on the first white page of each book.


3. New books

Every store has a section containing new books, with white price tags on the covers.


4. DVDs, CDs, games

We offer a wide range of CDs (2 CHF), DVDs (3 CHF), audio books (prices depend on number of CDs) and games (prices depend on nature and condition of the games, usually between 2 and 5 CHF).


Our locations

Find us all over Switzerland


Find old and new book rarities in an old wine cellar.


100,000 books are waiting for you in a large store in the colorful Gundeldingen quarter.


Be sure to find your new favorite book on the orange light-flooded shelves.


Two stories of the old town hall invite you to browse.


Go treasure hunting in an enchanted cellar next to the Enge train station.