Book deliveries

Can I donate my books?

Bücher Brocky

Our business model can only work if we receive books donations. Therefore, your books are always welcome!
Ideal times for book deliveries: Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 5.30pm.

1. Books in good condition

The most important thing for us is the condition of the books. We are not a disposal facility. If your books are falling apart, smell or contain handwritten notes, we ask you kindly to dispose of them yourself. 
As a general guideline, bring us the books that you would give to a friend in good conscience.

2. No ‘book club’ books

You might not even know about these anymore:
‘Book club’ books were titles that subscribers used to receive on a monthly basis. Therefore, they are still circulating widely and we cannot accept them anymore. Book club publishers are Mondo, Silva, Avanti, Bertelsmann Lesering, Reader’s Digest, Time Life etc.

3. No library books

We often receive library books (recognizable by tags on the inside or on the spine or back of the book). Unfortunately, we cannot accept these types of books.

4. Reference books/encyclopedias – old or specialized

Before the age of digitalization, many people used multivolume reference books or encyclopedias. Therefore, we receive large quantities of these types of books, redundant in the internet era, and are only able to accept old (one hundred years old or older) or specialized reference books (on birds, handicraft et cetera).

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