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If you like to read, a Bücher-Brocky visit will be just the thing for you. You will be surprised and amazed by the immense, ever-changing book selection.

 We are present in AarauBaselBernLuzern & Zürich.

Bücher Brocky

The sheer number of books might overwhelm and slightly disorient you on your first visit. But don’t despair, the feeling will pass and our staff is always there to help. Orange signs on the shelves and walls serve as an additional orientation aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know if a specific book happens to be in stock?

Due to the large number of books we receive every day, we cannot keep a digital record and are therefore not able to check whether a specific book is in stock.
But please don’t hesitate to ask our staff, as it is always possible that the requested title has just come in or has recently been spotted by one of our employees. Unfortunately, we are not able to carry out search requests by phone. Thank you for understanding.

How should I deliver my books?

For book deliveries, we would kindly ask you to use containers that are easy to carry, such as paper bags or banana boxes. All boxes not made out of cardboard will be emptied and given back to you. Please note that this repackaging process may take some time.

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Do I have to notify you in advance if I want to donate books?

Only if you want to bring us more than 20 banana boxes at once, as we are used to fairly large book deliveries.

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Are the books in alphabetical order?

No. Our books get sorted into 30 thematic categories, which simplifies the search process. Due to the large number of books we receive and limited staff numbers, an alphabetical order is not possible.

Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes. We use the sumup system, which accepts all the usual debit or credit cards, with the exception of the Swiss PostFinance Card (new version with Mastercard logo is okay). We do not accept Twint.