Declaration Bücher-Brocky

What is Bücher-Brocky exactly?

Bücher Brocky

Bücher-Brocky is a Swiss trading place for books. We receive large quantities of books every day, sort them and put them on our shelves.

1. Top condition

We examine each book before we put it on the shelf and dispose of books which contain highlighted notes, emanate a strong smell or are falling apart. It is important to us that the books you buy are in good condition.

2. Wonderful books

There is something new to discover with each visit. Childhood memories resurface, you remember authors you have had on your reading list for ages, can find a fitting present for a friend or make a spectacular chance discovery.
Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of coincidence.

3. Affordable prices

Are you an avid reader but don’t like to be pressed for time by a library return date? Then you have come to the right place. Buy books by the pile for an affordable price. There are not many places where you can get so much book for so little money.

4. Book range changes daily

As our clients continuously present us with new books, we can offer a comprehensive range of books which changes on a daily basis. This is how Bücher-Brocky was able to establish itself as a hub for classic and modern literature and a haven for rare books of all categories. 
You will be surprised by what you discover.

Our locations

Find us all over Switzerland


Find old and new book rarities in an old wine cellar.


100,000 books are waiting for you in a large store in the colorful Gundeldingen quarter.


Be sure to find your new favorite book on the orange light-flooded shelves.


Two stories of the old town hall invite you to browse.


Go treasure hunting in an enchanted cellar next to the Enge train station.